Month: February 2018


The guacamole and hummus love child – Guacahummus

Healthy food can be expensive, which can be one of the biggest reasons why we often never purchase it, using this excuse to avoid it completely. It’s a sad truth that some convenience foods are cheap and easy and this is what is causing huge health problems in NZ with obesity and obesity related illnesses. Those that do seek healthy alternatives often have to shop at several different places to find what they are looking for, which can be time consuming. Countdown now offers a wide variety of healthy options all available under one roof in their Macro and Free-From range and what’s even better is that a lot of products in this range have now moved to Price Lockdown which means they’re really affordable. Healthy recipes can now be quick, easy and affordable! Below we’ve used the Macro Organic Hulled Tahini for a delicious new recipe. If Guacamole and hummus had a baby, this would be the love child. Guacahummus Ingredients 1x 330g can chickpeas, drained 1x garlic clove 3 tbsp. Macro Organic Hulled …