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Countown Challenge – Money or the Bag


Recently I teamed up with Countdown to do a fun challenge called “money or the bag.” Basically, a bag of ingredients arrived on my doorstep along with a countdown voucher and I could either choose to make something with the bag contents or use the voucher to choose my own ingredients to whip up a new recipe. The bag contents contained some amazing Global Cuisine products to make a butter chicken. As much as I absolutely love butter chicken I thought I would take the voucher down to my local Countdown supermarket so I could create my own recipe for you guys.


Before we get into the recipe I made I thought I would share a few awesome things that Countdown does to help grocery shopping easier and less expensive. Everyday New Zealanders are often busy trying to manage jobs whilst also juggling the responsibilities of feeding their families and budgeting. Firstly one of my absolute favourite things is they have a basket of fruit as you walk in for the kiddies to help themselves to. This is such great way to keep the wee ones entertained for 5 minutes so they don’t try to sneak every packet of chips, lollies or chocolate into your trolley or basket.


Hi Another great thing about Countdown is their “Eating Well for Less” campaign including Price Lock Down where the food or produce stays at the same price and Low Prices Everyday. There are over 3000 of these red price labels across the Countdown stores making good quality food easily affordable. I also love the “Feed four for $15” recipe cards they have on a stand in the Countdown Stores. By doing this you can grab a few cards, whip round the supermarket and grab the ingredients and head home to make a recipe for the family that is easily accessible and affordable.


During my trip around Countdown I decided to grab some ingredients to make Panko Crumbed Chicken Brioche Burgers. These are a nice and healthy burger option and with the crispy chicken, they are super tasty. One of the star ingredients of this recipe is the Global Cuisine Burger Sauce. This sauce is the be all end all of burger sauces and tastes very similar to the McDonalds Big Mac Sauce. It’s a must try and an absolute winner so if you have never had it, just trust me on this one. The burger was nice and easy to make and turned out a success. 


Some friends came over and the burgers were enjoyed by all. You can find the recipe for these burgers on our facebook page and for any additional information on Countdowns great offers head to www.countdown.co.nz

 Daisy xxx