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Have you ever really needed a parcel delivered and come home after work to find you missed the delivery and there’s a Card to Call on your doorstep? It is one of my absolute pet hates, so when I saw NZ Post had come up with some new delivery options for parcels or courier packages, I had to investigate.


Izzy and I recently celebrated our 12-year anniversary – we had our first date on March 18th at Horse of the Year in Hawkes Bay in 2005.  It involved lots of dancing and our first kiss! Anyway, Izzy wanted to organize a date night to celebrate, so told me we were going to a fancy restaurant in Christchurch that I had never been to. Of course my head went into a spin about what on earth I was going to wear. My wardrobe at the moment, after just having my baby, is pretty much trackies and active wear so I had to go online to find something half decent. As for Izzy I just wanted to find him a nice present for our anniversary.


So I ordered myself a lovely dress from Country Road and Iz a nice top and some jeans from Superette. The anniversary dinner was only a few days away so I wasn’t going to risk coming home on the day of the dinner to find a Card to Call on my doorstep. I went to where I was offered three different delivery options to get my parcels on time: Parcel Leave, Parcel Collect and Parcel Redirect.


For Izzy’s parcel I opted for Parcel Leave, which gives the courier driver permission to leave the parcel somewhere specific on your property without you having to sign for it. All I needed to do was head to the NZ Post website, type my tracking number in, follow the instructions and told them where I’d like my parcel left. I opted for behind my pot plant on the front doorstep but you can opt for anywhere safe and easy!

For my second parcel, my outfit from Country Road, I wanted to try out the Parcel Collect option as I have a Countdown just down the road from my house. I’m constantly at the supermarket so I thought this was highly convenient and fits perfectly around my daily routine. With Parcel Collect you can arrange to have your parcel delivered to one of 180 Parcel Collect locations around NZ. These include participating supermarkets, petrol stations, and NZ Post retailers. Basically, you just sign up for a (free) NZ Post account and when entering your checkout address you just enter the address of the Parcel Collect location, instead of your own address. NZ Post will then send you an email notification when your parcel has arrived at your desired collection point and you head on down to pick it up (they give you ten days)!


Thankfully both items arrived on time and at their right locations, Iz and I were able to enjoy a lovely date night out at 27 Steps in Christchurch. Thanks to NZ Post and their new delivery options, I didn’t have to wear track pants out to a fine dining restaurant and we had a thoroughly enjoyable anniversary evening!

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